Ringing Tour — 18th March 2017 — Nuneaton

Basic Information

This is an update of earlier information about the Tower Tour on Saturday 18th March with some new things. Please read just to make sure you know everything, and if you need to contact me about anything/on the Day please call/text 07711179022.


10-10:45 Keresley St Thomas, CV6 2PD

11-11:45 Corley Parish Church, CV7 8AQ

12-2 Pub Lunch in Griffin CV10 7PJ
Table booked for 12:30

2-2:45 All Saints Chilvers Coton Parish Church, Nuneaton CV11 4NJ

3-3:45 St Nicholas, Nuneaton CV11 4AT

4-4:30 Pub Break, Bedworth.
We will park by the Church in the centre of Town, and there are a couple of coffee shops and a pub in the centre within a short walk (Bear and Ragged Staff looks good)

4:30-5:15 All Saints Church, Bedworth CV12 8NH

5:30-6:15 St Giles, Exhall CV7 9GZ

6:30 Onwards Greyhound CV6 6DF
Drinks/Meal depending on how people feel

Other Information

Any other questions, or things I might have omitted please post or message me.

If you are having a lift you should know who from. I believe that I am picking up Two Andrew’s +1 from Hotel Britannia at 9:20, and Chris from War Memorial Park at 9:15. Vic should have made arrangements with Dave, Amy and Jim, with Andy and Norris meeting us at the first Tower.